8 X 15 Dual entry doors

I live in St. Charles, MO and after the May 31st, 2013 tornado I lost my shed. I did some online research searching for a new shed. I found the Lifetime brand and read some reviews. All of them are pretty much the same....POOR instructions. I thought how bad could they be? I do CAD for a living so I thought I was pretty good at reading a blueprint. What a joke these are.

First off, the shed comes in 4 huge boxes which was fine. The problem here was nothing in them is organized so you have to open every box and lay out all your pieces. One box may have a part that you need but then a different box has a part you need as well.

Second, once you do start getting your pieces together the bags that hold the screws are not marked correctly. So, here you just grab a bag and hope they are the correct ones.

Third, I had to call the company because they did not pack one of the bags that had 85 screws in there. How do you forget to pack that?

Fourth, we wanted to do this on a weekend. But, since we were missing a key bag of screws, I thought I would call the company and see if they could ship some out to me. WRONG....They are not open on a Saturday or Sunday so good luck getting any customer support on the weekend when most people will be working on this project. I wound up going to the hardware store and just buying the screws I needed. I did call the company on Monday morning and congratulated the third grader that drew up the directions. And asked for my screws......4-5 day delivery time

I will NEVER purchase another Lifetime shed and it is really to bad because alot of my neighbors are looking to replace theirs as well because of the tornado. I tell them to AVOID a lifetime shed at all costs.

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