10x8 Arrow Arlington

by Marc
(New Jersey)

After 3 years and still looking new.

After 3 years and still looking new.

Review of the 10x8 Arrow Arlington: I should be in an infomercial for this thing, it's just a shed, yet it makes me happy to know that the work I put into it paid off. I bought mine at an NJ Ace Hardware store for about $650.00.

After purchasing your shed and throwing the huge box down in the backyard, don't be discouraged looking at the finished product picture compared to what looks like a hunk of scrap in front of you. It is fairly easy to put together. If you have a screwdriver or two to fit there is nothing major you'll need to put this up. The instructions are clear but remember not to breeze through them, for if you miss a step it could end up frustrating you and the shed won't come out well.

Make sure you don't just lay everything out on your grass, there are many small pieces that can easily get lost, put out a tarp or light cover so you can see the pieces. If you're organized and follow the directions, the entire project should not take more than an hour and a half with a friend. Alone I probably could have put it up in about two hours. Taking your time is crucial to the successful, and non-frustrating building of this shed.

I personally use the shed for my trash bags when it rains, tools for the car, tools for the house, home improvement supplies, and even my wife has a few gardening supplies in there. It's really helpful if you keep it organized and don't let things pile up and become junky.

Just in case, after finishing, I treated the shed with conditioner and rain repellant when I first bought it, and since then there has been no weathering of the shed, nor does it leak. I've had it for 4 years now, and aside for some dirt and a crack I made myself with a missed hammer strike, the shed is in pristine condition. Plastic does really well and is easy to maintain anyway.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for some extra space, this is one of the most straightforward home improvement tasks there is.

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Do you have any issues with condensation?
by: Anonymous

How's the temp inside the shed in the summer & winter time? Thinking of putting one up in Central NJ. Thanks!!!

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