10 x 10 Tuff Shed Sundance series

by Phil
(SE Michigan)

My Tuff Shed. That front window is the one with the crack.

My Tuff Shed. That front window is the one with the crack.

This past winter I purchased a Tuff Shed Sundance series, 10ft x 10ft shed. As a first time home owner, I found myself quickly running out of room in a two car garage, so I began reviewing my options. My first thought was, of course, to design and build a shed myself. I've done plenty of basic carpentry and have built two sheds from scratch with family members.

But, as so often happens, I found myself pressed for time. When it came down to it, I found I could save a couple hundred bucks by building a shed myself. But that saving would be eaten up by the amount of time and effort I would need to put into a custom build. So with that, I began pricing out what Home Depot had to offer.

A few things became apparent right away. First, the Tuff Shed line was a huge step up over the entry level sheds. The Sundance series features a steel framed door (huge selling point) and is built up on a 2x6 steel frame. These were materials that I certainly wasn't going to work with, and with a final price tag of just under $2000 installed, the only real choice I had to make was my choice of "options".

When ordering a Tuff shed, you get several "a la carte" options. Little things like additional windows, vents, benches, skylights etc. are all available. It pays to do some research ahead of time, since there are price breaks at different models and sizes. For example, square sheds (10x10, 12x12) are cheaper than irregular sizes. Also, a very basic shed with extensive options (extra windows, work benches) might be slightly cheaper if you upgrade to a 'better' shed which includes some of the options you're looking for.

The overall workmanship of the shed is solid. The installers were professional, on time, and had the shed installed in about five hours (they had to make a run to the local Home Depot as they got shorted a sheet of plywood!)

My only real knock is one of the windows. The window wasn't quite framed out correctly, so when it was installed, the frame put pressure on the window. Now that it's spring/summer time, the shed has shifted slightly, and one of my windows has cracked. It's a small crack that I may try and have repaired under warranty, but I'm not holding out much hope that it'll be covered.

Overall, I'm very happy with the shed and would certainly recommend a Home Depot Tuff shed. Since Home Depot uses contractors to build their sheds, your mileage may vary.

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