10 x 10 Rainier shed

by Sam
(Owensboro, KY)

Hi John,

I built my Heartland Rainier shed this fall and am very pleased with it. Some of the wood was a little warped in spots but nothing severe.

I am a casual DIYer and this is the first shed I have ever built. The instructions were pretty good, I did have a few small mess-ups but that was due to me not totally reading the instructions (I sometimes get in the habit of skimming thru them).

I liked having several Heartland Rainier videos on YouTube as reference points. I used only the wood and parts that came with the kit and my shed squared up nicely and is very solid. For the price you can`t beat the quality and look, IMHO. I am very pleased and would recommend this shed to everyone.

It did take me a week or so to finish it but I was working without any help and no nail gun.

My brother has the same shed, Rainier, and built his several years ago. His has been through a lot of severe weather including the hurricane winds we got up here in KY (sustained winds at 70 - 80 mph for a few days) along with our usual sun, hail, snow and ice storms. He told me just the other day that he hasn`t had to replace or reinforce anything yet.

So I guess that`s two very happy Rainier owners For the price and quality, you just can`t go wrong with this shed.

The shed itself was around $900. I had to buy roofing felt and shingles along with roofing nails. I also had to buy large pavers and 4x4x10 for the flooring. Overall I think I spent around $1350.


Shedman says:

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your review.

It is great to hear that you and your brother are pleased with the shed. Some readers have suggested that they have inserted additional timbers to reinforce the shed where they felt it needed a bit of strengthening. So it is good to hear that you managed without this and also that your brothers shed has survived all of the weather that you get in KY over a period of years.

I liked your tip about looking at videos of the shed being built on Youtube. Those videos sound a good supplement to the instructions which although I have seen them to be well illustrated; they aren’t the most riveting of reading!

One final thing is that it is good to hear from you about the total cost of the shed. Often readers will buy a shed and have a bit of a surprise that the kit does not include foundations or shingles. However I think that most manufacturers do their best to make it clear what they do and don’t supply.

I look forward to hearing from you in the future with a long term performance report for this shed. If you have any pictures that you could send through of the finished shed or even during construction that would be much appreciated.

Kind regards


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