by Tim Brummett
(Champaign, IL)

I want to build a woodshed that will compliment the Classic garden/storage shed I posted earlier so this will also have same paint scheme of green siding with white trim, but less formal without the keystone pieces in the trim.

Since it is for firewood storage it will need to allow for proper airflow. I am hoping that putting mesh around the top of the walls as well as making the floor out of synthetic deck boards with ample gaps between them will allow sufficient airflow. I appreciate any comments as I have no idea how much airflow is needed to keep the wood from rotting.

Since we live in a snowy area I would like to add double sliding doors that would keep the drifts off the wood while allowing access to the entire width of the shed. They would also have mesh screens near the top for airflow.

The roof will be translucent corrugated roof panels for daytime lighting.

I am not exactly sure how big I want to make it but I am thinking something in the neighborhood of 8'-0 deep X 16'-0 long on open side and 7'-0 tall at the door slanting back to ~6'-0 or less at the back.

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Good job Tim!
by: John

Hi Tim,
Great job on the shed build.

Those step by step shed building pictures are excellent.
Hope you and the family are well.

Best regards


by: Tim Brummett

I finally built this woodshed, with a few design changes, and thought you might like to see some pics. I sank the posts and hung the deck floor 2 years ago and the posts twisted a bit before I got around to finishing the shed. Squaring the posts was a real pain but it came out ok I think. Hope you enjoy it.



Good shed
by: Gilbo

I rebuilt a shed with old decking for the floor and approx 6mm gaps between them.

The framing and roof were 75x50mm and 100x50mm timber with plywood walls.

The roof was recycled plastic clearlite with only one sheet of new iron as I didn't have enough.
The door was extra wide as I used one side of our old driveway gates which has timber slats with approx 10mm gaps between them. The gate doesn't reach the roof which leaves a gap of approx 400mm. This has allowed plenty of airflow and the clear roof is fantastic as it lets in plenty of light and heat from the sun.

Your shed is similar but probably better still and you have purposely designed it that way whereas I had some fortunate accidents.

I would recommend a clear roof for all wood-sheds now as the previous shed was quite dark, even with a window.

Well done on your design.

What about hurricanes?
by: Mrs. Ditka

What if a hurricane came through Chamapign, would you wood shed still be standing? Yes? But what if the Hurricane was named "Ditka"???

by: Anonymous

Very nice design. Success of the design has lot to do with apparent fact of you having some experience on storing wood. Good detail with the roof, these storage sheds are often too dark.

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