Wisteria Junction

by Timothy Hackworth
(Kent, UK)

Styled after a signal box the shed is a railway enthusiast's dream

Styled after a signal box the shed is a railway enthusiast's dream

The shed is designed to house the stacking yard for an outdoor garden railway. To capture the character of its purpose, it is styled after a railway signal box.

Wisteria Junction is built on a brick base with horizontally planked wooden panels up to waist height. Above that it has windows around three walls giving maximum light inside and the best view out for operating the trains.

The roof is tiled, hipped at both ends and finished with a pair of finials. Inside the stacking yard is up against the back wall which is painted with a landscape backdrop and partial model buildings.

Trains enter and leave through a tunnel in the end wall and the controls for the trains and the points are situated along the front wall under the windows. These must all open for ventilation in the summer when the shed will be getting most of its use.

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Ta for the feedback
by: Timothy

Hi Dave

I'm really glad you liked my design. Space is going to limit me to 6'x8' but that should be big enough. Yes I'll have a frame, probably quarter scale to stop it filling the box. Regarding the title GWR or LNE, it'll be the former if I want the best and most innovative railway possible, like Brunel, or the latter if I want to complete it on time, within budget and without bankrupting my shareholders, like Stephenson.


by: DaveG

Love it - how big are you planning on making this? As you already have some idea of planning, then I would suggest drawing up a scale plan of what you are planning on putting inside the box, so you can work out if it fits within the size you think the box should be...

I hope you are going to mock up a lever frame for full effect for passers by.

Be careful on height with this one as planning only allows 4m or 13 feet total height for garden structures...

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