Royal Outdoor Shed Winchester 8 x 10

by Joseph Tolomeo
(Florida, USA)

Royal Winchester Shed 10x8

Royal Winchester Shed 10x8

I purchased this Royal Winchester 10x8 shed at Lowes in Bradenton Florida for $848.00 in November of 2006 and installed it on January 19 2007. The reason it took so long to be installed was that we were having an in-ground pool added to our back yard and the pool contractor was pouring the concrete for the shed foundation when he poured the pool deck.

About two years after installation and following all manufacturers instructions for priming and painting, the doors are falling apart due to the wood cores rotting.
So it is a great shed but why did they put wood core doors on a vinyl maintenance free shed?

Anyway, I was talking to my wife about the doors rotting and she said maybe there is a warranty on the shed, so I went into our records and looked at the owners manual, and sure enough the shed has a 10 year warranty. I called the 800 claims line and I found out that the Royal shed line had been sold to Barrette Outdoor Living, they asked me if I had painted the doors and if I could supply them with pictures of the damage and the receipt which I did.

Within a couple hours they notified me that the new doors would be arriving in 10 days. Hats off to a company that cares enough about a consumer to act so quickly.

Joseph Tolomeo

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Feb 24, 2015
New Doors
by: Michael

Has anyone found replacement doors for these Winchester Sheds without having to have someone build them?

Mike - FL

Dec 11, 2014
New Doors
by: Anonymous

Go to Home Depot and have them make you door panels. About $110. You will have to attach hinges and lock and paint to protect.
Its the only way to get new doors.

Nov 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

All of the service phone numbers to Royal Outdoor Products is no longer good numbers, anyone got a working number. I need new doors they are rotting away

Oct 18, 2014
Have parts for 10x8 winchester shed
by: Bob

I am selling parts for a 10x8 winchester shed. Was storing when moving and corner pieces for walls and end pieces for roof warped. Wall panels, roof panels, doors, roof ridge and steel support for over door are all in good condition. Doors will need a new coat of paint and have no rot. Located in upstate New York.
Email me if interested.

Aug 03, 2014
Roof window
by: Dave

I need a replacement window. It is 15" by 13" and goes on top of the roof.

Jul 17, 2014
Replacement door 8x10 Winchester
by: Pete

I'm looking for replacement doors for my 8 x 10 Winchester by Royal. Doors are rotting away. Anyone know where to find new doors?

Jun 29, 2014
hello I. Need the right side facia .
by: ROYAnonymous

HELLO I need the right side facia. THANK you

May 25, 2014
replacement doors
by: Yvonne Parks

My shed is 15yrs.old and the doors need replacing, but have had no luck. Any suggestions? I have tried the Royal outdoor products, Inc., but no luck there.

Apr 05, 2014
Royal "The Winchester" Replacement Doors?
by: Mike

Has anyone found a set of replacement doors for the 8 x 10 Royal "The Winchester" Vinyl Shed?

My shed is about 10 years old and in great shape but the doors rusted at the bottom from the lawn sprinklers.

Mike - SW FL

Feb 03, 2014
royal doors
by: tom


you said you might have doors that would fit the royal 8x10 shed. If you do how much do you want and the condition. You can contact me by phone if you like 708-717-8977. I live in Illinois.

Jan 13, 2014
by: Eric

I may have doors for Dave, My shed needs replacing due to tree falling through it.
How can I contact you?

Dec 31, 2013
Parts for Winchester 8x10 Royal Shed
by: Jim N

My Royal Rubbermaid Winchester 8x10 shed suffered wind damage and I need to order replacement parts; what is the best source.

Dec 08, 2013
by: Dave

I need to replace both doors on my Winchester shed. (rotted out on the bottom). Has anyone tried to tackle this problem? Thanks.

Jun 14, 2013
replacing floor with walls in place
by: Anonymous

I posted the same question on 4/9 and nobody answered, so I just went ahead. I used Wonderboard instead of plywood for replacement, but the guy at home depot said I was nuts because it is not a structural material. Because I am a small person, only 5'2", I did it anyway, and it is okay--no cracks so far, and I have 3 sets of shelves in there: 90" (linear), 90", and 72", with stuff on them, plus a regular lawnmower and other tools.

I used the thick Wonderboard (bottom layer) and the thin Wonderboard (top layer), which together comes out about 1/32" thinner, I think, than the plywood, but it does not make a noticeable gap between the floor and the walls, and I guess made sliding the new flooring under the wall an easier matter. (If you want the extra 1/32", I think Durock or another brand runs that little extra thicker). I left an extra 5/8" at the edges to extend under the wall as far as the screws that come down through the track into the flooring. There is some of the old plywood left from that point on outward to the extreme exterior perimeter of the platform, and so I suppose some of the screws are still securing the walls to SOMETHING.

I am just hoping that the weight of the walls and roof will be enough to keep the shed down on the platform if we have a high wind event. So far so good.

As far as demolition, I used prybars to pull up the old nails and plywood, sometimes using a jig saw to cut the plywood into smaller pieces. To trim back under the walls as far as those screws I mentioned, I could usually just dig with a screwdriver and paint scraper in the areas where the plywood was badly rotted. In other areas I used an oscillating multitool with a wood-cutting semicircular blade. I could hold the long axis of the tool parallel to the ground, put the blade slighty back underneath the wall, and then cut upwards to remove the 5/8" wide strip of plywood that I needed to cut out from underneath the wall. The pressure treated 2x4s were still in excellent condition! Screwed both layers of wonderboard down with cement board screws and then caulked all the way around the track like when first built the shed. Oh yeah, you have to do a little bit of cutouts to the wonderboard on the front side of the shed around the door areas, etc.

If you are bigger than me, there is another type of flooring they sell at Home Depot--not plywood, not OSB, but it is in a sheet and is not supposed to delaminate when wet. I liked the wonderboard because I did not have to paint it. i suppose you could use trex or some other water-resistant material, though. any questions, my email is kmanning (at)

Jun 14, 2013
Help Replacing the floor 10X10 Royal shed
by: Seattle

Anybody replaced the floor without taking down rest of the structure? Any pointer will be of great help!

Jun 11, 2013
Finding were to go for parts
by: Wisconsinite

Love my shed.Was damaged in snow storm in May .Pine branch went thru roof and smashed window .I need a parts catalog and address to contact someone.Any help would be great.

Apr 09, 2013
floor replacement
by: Anonymous

Has anybody replaced the floor without taking down the building? My plywood decking, installed in 1998, is rotting. I was thinking about removing the plywood and putting down wonderboard instead, while leaving the walls in place.

Dec 23, 2012
heres where you can print out the assembly manual
by: Anonymous

Dec 18, 2012
Bought the shed 18 years ago
by: Anonymous

Love my shed and so do the new owners of the home. I want to buy another for my current home. Easy set up and easy break down. I personally had no problems with the doors. Still it's nice to know when I get another the comp. Will be good about any warranty.

Aug 22, 2012
Need ext kit
by: Dan

I love my royal Winchester shed, Anyone know where I can get the 4ft extension kit from

Aug 19, 2012
Disasemble shed.
by: Anonymous

Yes you can. I just this past weekend had to replace the floor. So I took apart the shed and washed it down when I reinstalled it. It looks like new. So yes. You can take apart with out any damage.

Aug 01, 2012
Royal Shed Disassembly
by: Anonymous

If anyone can help me, I have a royal products 8x10 shed that I have to move. It was at our home when we bought it 12 years ago. It still is as nice as it was new, so I do not want to damage it by taking it apart. I do not have a instruction book so I don't how it went together. Is it possible to disassemble without damage? Thank you

Nov 14, 2011
In Albuqurque

I got mine in 1992. Used pressure treated 2x6s and one inch plywood held together with 3 inch screws. One vent part broke and they sent a new replacement part right away.

Royal is the best I hope the new Guys are as good?

Nov 13, 2011
Royal Shed
by: Anonymous

Royal sold the shed business to Barrette outdoor living.

Aug 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Shed was missing parts took them all summer to get to send the right parts. On my third set of doors due to terrible warping from the sun. Very poorly engineered shed. Still back and forth with Barrettes. Takes 1/2 hour wait on the phone just to talk to somebody and when you finally get a person they are so full of apathy for their products due to complaints all day long. I don't know what else to do but to keep trying.

Aug 02, 2011
I am also wanting to purchase another Royal
by: Jayci

I had bought a Royal Winchester 2 years ago and we really like it- I went to Menards to get another one and they say they no longer carry it--Does anyone know where I can get this shed??? Thanks-

Jul 23, 2011
Where can i get information?
by: Dave

Where can i get some information on the Winchester royal shed?I had one before and would like to get another one.My local Lowes says they don't carry them anymore. Where can i order one from? Thank-you. Dave

Sep 24, 2010
you dont purchase the parts
by: Anonymous

if you find a part damaged or missing you can call the customer service number inthe manual and they will ship the parts to you at no charge. they are polite and responsive when there are problems. i had a damaged part that may or may not have been damged when packed. they responded immediately and shipped it out to me.

Jul 04, 2010
Stay away
by: mike

I purchsed an Asheville 8 x 10 sheld from Barrette through Lowe's. First shed was missing one wall. I returned it after being told I could purchase the parts I was missing directly through the manufacturer or return the sheld. I returned it.

I reordered the sheld. Second sheld also missing parts. They cannot get it right. Stay away from Barrette sheds.

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