Renovation of wooden shed

by Chris

We have recently moved into a house which has a shed which I want to renovate as a studio for my wife.

The shed is 7.125m long by 2.255m wide.

From settling, the one end is slightly lower than the other by about 5cm, and the one side also lower than the other by about the same.

It is externally clad in feather board, and has a roof which was originally felted, but has had cement tiles put on top of this, which has added considerably to the weight of the structure.

The internal walls were clad in 11mm OSB which were warped, so I removed these. The floor was uneven and sloped from the middle along its length to either side.

I lifted the floor (22mm OSB) and found that the shed was laid on to concrete tiles 500x500, and the tiles were loosely laid within the shed. The corner posts and baseplates stand on the tiles.

My questions are:
- What is the best way to lay a new floor that is completely level, and can take considerable weight as we will adding shelving units to take a considerable amount of books?

- What is the best insulation and covering for the internal walls, bearing in mind that my wife will spend most of the day in the studio?

- Similarly, what is the best insulation and covering for the internal rafters?

- The heating unit that was in the shed was a large storage heater (weighs a ton!) - is this an economical way to heat this size shed, or are there other more practical ways?

Any help greatly appreciated - Thanks!

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