Pure sound studio

by D Derbyshire
(Kent, England)

A pure design for uncluttered creativity

A pure design for uncluttered creativity

This is my vision for my dream home recording studio. It is inspired by the work of the modernist architect Le Corbusier and its purity of design will hopefully inspire my recordings.

Outside, the walls are white, completely flat and only broken by the horizontal band of flush-fitting, tinted windows. The effect is very simple, pure and striking and even the door is concealed - only revealed by a thin, vertical line in the end wall. The handle needs to be colour coded with the windows to hide it.

The top of the walls conceal a flat roof with hidden gutters around the edge. Obviously the down pipe will have to be inside the shed so as not to break the lines of the exterior. All the walls have to be insulated and the windows double glazed to keep the music inside and unwanted noises out.

Even with a heavy tint, heat is going to be a problem, especially in summer so some kind of ventilation needs to be concealed on the flat roof, but obviously without introducing any noise.

Modern recording techniques have reduced the size of studio equipment to little more than a computer. This too can be concealed leaving just a keyboard and a wall-mounted flat screen. There also needs to be a way of storing microphones and leads out of the way to avoid them affecting the look and sound of the performance area. The important element is to keep a clear working environment to allow unrestricted creativity.

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form following function following form.....
by: Anonymous

You propose a specialized use structure requiring good internal acoustics and acoustical isolation from the outdoors. But you've started your design from the outside in (function following form). You are determined to have a Le Corbusier box complete with strip window. Parallel walls tend to create flutter, and the windows admit unneeded light and create unwanted heat that you must find a way to get rid of.

I know you can put baffles inside for acoustics, regardless of the wall configuation.

Consider doing an ideal floor plan layout first. Work from the inside out and see what sort of form is generated from your required functions (form following function). Don't add windows for the sake of adding them. You might not even need any (gasp) ! Will this place be heated and cooled?

Not sure what kind of materials you have in the UK, but to get that smooth finish I would use fiber-cement sheets. They can just be painted, or stuccoed.

by: DD

Thanks for your comments guys.
It hadn't occurred to me that the external finish on the walls may prejudice the planners. Thanks for the headsup.
Regarding the ambitious plans for the contents, modern digital recording equipment is very compact. I plan on making the recording area sonically dry and putting all reverb and acoustics on digitally using software. In fact all the effects can be digital removing the need for bulky rack systems. Essentially, all you need space for is the computer, a wall-mounted screen and a keyboard. Basically the shed will be a performance space with a desk at one end. I'm looking at a space about 3m x 2.5m.


by: Jake

Very ambitious approach. Will be difficult to fit all that into a mere shed. Looks to me like this needs more holistic housing design approach.

Shed or Building
by: DaveG


I am guessing you want this to look very modern so the usual plank siding isn't going to work - however this is possibly where you may fall foul of planning laws - you need to check this out.

If the local authority think its a permanent building then they will get stuck in, convincing them its a 'shed' may be tricky... just a thought before you rush in. Nice ideas though.


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