A Pent Metal Shed - Discover the Advantages and Disadvantages

What is a pent metal shed? -This type of shed is constructed with metal walls and a metal roof. The structure has a single roof pitch, often sloping away from the door. Pent metal sheds may have no roof slope and resemble a large metal lockbox with a flat-top roof.

In a garden a metal shed can be a great option for quick and easy storage solutions. These sheds come in various sizes ranging from small structures of no more than 1.2 x 1.58m (~3.9' x 5.1') to large structures often as big as 1.19 x 3.03m (~3.9' x 9.9') These metal sheds can be purchased as a flat pack and require self-assembly. The sheds are great for holding all sorts of garden supplies from rakes and shovels to wheelbarrows and lawn mowers. Small metal sheds can neatly house a row of bicycles and big pent metal sheds can store large outdoor furniture.


Metal storage sheds often come ready to assemble. All you need is a suitable foundation. Pent metal sheds can be placed on foundation of concrete, brick, or paving slabs. (click here for more on shed foundations).

For many people, concrete is a popular choice, as metal sheds are lightweight the concrete base helps to resist it blowing away! Almost all pent metal sheds come with an anchoring kit and should include directions of how to fix the shed to the foundation. Often rawl bolts or lead anchors are used to secure the shed to the foundation.

When you lay the foundation, regardless of whether you select a paving slab, concrete, or brick base, create a foundation that is slightly larger than the shed. Make sure the foundation is level and that it extends at least 30 mm (~1.3") from every side of the shed. Also consider including a damp-proof membrane beneath to eliminate water penetration form the ground.

Handy Tip:

When drilling into the foundation to set the rawl bolt or the lead anchor, use a hammer drill with a masonry drill bit. Most hammer drills have a depth guide that will ensure you achieve the optimum depth. After drilling, make sure you clear the hole of any cement dust or loose debris. The best option to clean and clear the area quickly is to use a wet/dry vacuum.

Advantages of Pent Metal Sheds

  • Unlike wooden sheds, metal sheds are not susceptible to mold, mildew, or rot.

  • The tight metal construction makes the shed rodent resistant.

  • They are considered fire resistant.

  • Many pre-made metal tool sheds come with a rust guarantee, which may extend for 10 years or more.

  • Small metal storage sheds can be inexpensive, especially when compared to wood or brick structures. Even larger metal sheds can often be less expensive than smaller wooden sheds.

  • Metal outdoor storage sheds often have single- or double-sliding doors that have lockable mechanisms or are padlock compatible. This can make the shed desirable if you want to securely store more valuable items.

  • If you desire a lean-to style shed, pent metal sheds can also be placed next to another structure, such as a house or a garage. This is great for houses with small gardens or if you don't want the shed to take up much space.

  • Many suppliers stock metal shed kits, so they can be easily ordered and even delivered to your home. All they require is a ready foundation. If you are looking to quickly assemble a shed for general garden storage, this is a wonderful option.


  • Even given the rust guarantees, over time the metal may rust, especially if the paint or metal coating is chipped or damaged.

  • If you live in a winter environment, snow that collects on the rooftop will need to be cleared. Large amounts of snow or other weight placed on the rooftop may make the shed unsafe to enter.

  • Lightweight pent metal sheds made of lower quality metal may be more susceptible to wind and hail damage.

  • Metal sheds can be considered less attractive than custom built, brick, or natural wood sheds. Metal garden storage sheds can be bought in painted finishes such as natural green, which may make the structure less conspicuous. But the shiny silver or matte metal finish may be more difficult to integrate into an attractive garden setting.

Metal Grades and Warranties Options

Before you select a pent metal shed, consider the quality of the metal and the warranty period. Decide if you need a strong and durable structure or if you are happy with a lighter weight and smaller option.

Sheds made of more durable material such as hot dipped galvanized steel or deep ribbed corrugated metal often have longer warranty periods, but they usually cost more. Before you buy, consider the life of the shed, your storage needs, and your security requirements.

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