by Jo-Anne Peck

We founded Historic Shed to meet the unique needs of historic homeowners in Florida for architecturally compatible outbuildings that meet (exceed) Florida Building Code. Each shed is custom designed to complement the main historic building, drawing from original architectural details and using traditional proportions and design details.

Our sheds can serve a multitude of old home uses, from traditional tool storage to modern personal home offices. Our designs are easily approved by local Historic Preservation Design Review Commissions as accessory structures and they meet the Secretary of the Interior?s Guidelines for Historic Preservation.

Outbuilding planning tips we offer for historic homeowners:

- Keep the outbuilding visually subordinate to the main building. This means that the outbuilding should complement the main building, but not overshadow it in size or detail.

- Make sure the size of the outbuilding will both meet your intended use and look appropriate in your yard.

- The outbuilding should mimic the overall form of the main building. This is most easily done by using a compatible roof shape, slope, and soffit overhang.

- Consider the sizes and placement of doors and windows to ensure that you have room to move equipment in and out, have adequate light and ventilation, and allow wall space for shelving or other storage. In addition, consider how the doors and windows will look on the most visible elevations of the building and keep window proportions similar to the main house.

- Duplicate finishes and details from the main building such as siding type, roofing materials, soffit details and window and door type and trim. However, duplicating elaborate details and columns from the main building should generally be avoided due to the less public, more utilitarian nature of outbuildings.

-Keep colors of the main building and accessory building compatible. Paint with either the same paint scheme or a complementary palette.

- Plan the outbuilding location carefully. Make sure the building will not block desirable views (or will block undesirable ones), is not in a flood prone part of the yard, is easily accessible for the intended use, meets local zoning setbacks, and does not interfere with mature trees and landscaping.

A carefully designed and placed outbuilding can be a focal point in the yard, providing an attractive backdrop for landscaping as well as providing an idyllic escape right in your own back yard.

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