by Matthew Engele
(Sydney, Australia)

Why shouldn’t all sheds have the capacity to grow like our gardens? Perhaps the function of our shed changes from a storage space to a studio or from a small studio to a larger office space.A measure of a great shed design is its ability to perform well on sites as small as a London backyard to as big rural farm in Sydney.

The Grow Your Shed design incorporates the porch as a fundamental element in creating these versatile sheds. It is the porch in this design that serves the role of not only connecting the interior space to the exterior but also the connection between sheds as they begin to grow in number. The porch in this design is considered a continuous element that after greeting people at the front entrance with a large shaded overhang and raised podium it leads them through the buildings.

The porch is an architectural element that is commonly found in hot climates, and therefore this project incorporates a number of simple cost efficient techniques to ensure it is sustainable. The butterfly roof system provides great shading from the harsh summer sun and also is ideal for water collection. The adjustable skin of the building is a system of wooden louvers and sliding doors that allow occupants to control the amounts of natural sun and air circulation through the spaces. Finally the shed is raised up off the earth so that there is a minimal affect on the site as well as allowing air flow under the building that will aid cooling in the summer months.

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by: Anonymous

great design....good luck.

Top work!
by: Adam

It looks like a really nice space to get away from it all!

like the roof
by: Anonymous

The roof looks really effective in shading and the potential to collect water.

by: Jenny

Well done Matthew. I think its stella

by: Will

Yea very clever idea and good creative solution.

by: Son

Complicated solution and is more like house, very big but nice

best idea
by: Stefan

I think this is excellent...........the one suggestion i would make is to skrink it down alittle. The concept however is for me the most innovative of all of the entries.

Shed comp
by: Tom

I think the shed is great and the structure is a really nice feature actually! its a nice

Not so good
by: Maggy

It is a big and complicated structure

by: Dan

Really a pimped out shed you have designed there.

by: Anonymous

it is very big and strange and it should be more quite, however it's good

you can do it
by: Anonymous

go for design!!

by: Smithy

This is a super sweet entry mate! Well done, I really like what you have designed. Good luck with everything.

growing and shrinking
by: Frank

I agree with alot of the comments .....for me though I like the way the shed has a relationship with the garden the could grow in the summer when u need the most fertilizer, seeding etc and shrink in the winter as the plants do!

luv it
by: Georgie

I love this porch idea!!!

by: Anonymous

2 thumbs up!!

Australian shed
by: Anonymous

i like this shed and the concept of growing the building with the garden. its really a cool idea for a garden shed i think.

by: Sel

I really like these elegantly designed structures. I can imagine it would be a great experience when you adjust the lourves to allow natural light and a cool breeze through the space.

by: Greg

Matt good stuff mate! Good luck its a great entry!

Keep it up
by: Anonymous

Keep up the good work Matt.....excellent design

Shed Design
by: Ed

Sustainable design done well!!

by: Sarah

Matthew 5 stars from me!

by: Carlos

Great to see your home countrys influence in your design. Fantastic!

G-day mate!
by: B. Ratsiepe

This is one Glenn Marcutt forgot to built, definately must have thought about it

Great work
by: Anonymous

great project!

Good Design
by: Anonymous

Such a great design, I would love to have one of these myself!

Cool Idea
by: Steve

I love the name and the idea ! 'grow your shed'

Good Luck!
by: Fez

Excellent work and good luck!

by: Shane

Super nice man!

5 stars
by: Sam

This is great! I hope you get to build it one day!

by: Rami

Great idea!

A great getaway
by: Simon

So nice!! I can image this project in the landscape providing a great getaway from it all. The way you address sustainability using passive systems is really good to see !

Porch Shed
by: Anonymous

Good to see how you have integrated the porch into the concept of your design. Great stuff!

Good Luck
by: Jeff

Matthew I really like your design. Good luck with the competition.


by: Anonymous

I think it is nice how you use louvres which allow you to control the light, views and air flow. I also think that what is appealing about your design is that all the materials used can be bought from your local hardware shop.

I Like
by: Anonymous

Simple and very nice.

Top Job!
by: Anonymous

Top job Matthew, its a really well thought out structure and design! I wonder how many sheds you could effectively add and how many different configurations you could make. It would make for an interesting study that I have not seen done for the shed before!

by: Franco

An inspiring shed! I really like the way you have looked at making your design sustainable and environmentally conscious.

by: Erin

Wow this is a really cool shed!

Great Work
by: Anonymous

Your images are great. It looks like some one could actually live very happily in these sheds.

Really Nice!!
by: Edward

Great design and a very poetic concept .......I really like this one!

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