Green's Green Green Shed

by Rachel Green
(Chesterfield UK)

Office in Green

Office in Green

Green's Office in Green:

Grassed roof with solar panels as back-up power and solar carriage=lantern lights on the front and side.

Insulated walls, floor and roof

Wired on a separate spur from the house for electricity and network access.

roof drains into water tank.

natural tree trunks for support beams and split boards for outside walls

Pine boards on inside - desk and guest sofa-bed.

leaded double-glazed windows

Outside in green tinted preservative.

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Natural insulation
by: Anonymous

"Ultra Touch" natural cotton fiber insulation this might be worth a try for insulation.

Green if affordable
by: DesignCounselor

It has a certain charm. Several comments have been made regarding its probable cost. That's between the builders and their budget.

Assuming this is a fully finished, insulated, heated and cooled building, it probably needs to be built in a manner to last indefinitely. No?

If budget is not an issue, you need to reconsider sticking birch logs directly into the ground, and think about how the green roof will be detailed. Get the floor higher off the ground. Dig holes and fill with concrete and set the wood posts on top, preferably on metal post bases.

There are "greenies" out there who build things using new (they think) methods but with limited or no knowledge of the important details.

I wouldn't use an organic insulation material like wool. Use something inert.

Don't be afraid to build the "bones" of the place in a more conventional manner, then "doll it up" to suit. That may not seem as green, but you'll spend less "green" down the road.

Costly indeed!
by: Anonymous

Thanks Anonymous - It probably is costly, yes, but it would be used as a home office for at least two days a week and offsetting the cost against transport costs would pay for it.

Very romantic
by: Anonymous

I would like to see details of how you will attach natural tree trunks to split boards. Also costs for wool, solar, etc. I think you will find this is a very expensive little shed.

Thanks Dave
by: Anonymous

Thanks Dave.

My partner has been offered 'work from home' if she has a dedicated office, so the building would be a home office. We already have a separate spur on the electricity for the garden, and the solar panels would be for the night lights.

I love the idea of wool insulation. Thanks for that.

Nice idea for a secluded or rural garden
by: DaveG

I like the idea, but am confused why you need power and Solar power as back up - apart from the occasional guest room what are you planning to use this for?

The electrics should be on a dedicated RCD protected spur, and you may want to consider a small (garage consumer unit) in the shed which will allow the power and the lights to operate on separate circuits... so if one blows the other will still work.

Insulation - to be really green you should consider Wool. If you can make to shed bigger to accommodate this then straw - but this needs to be fairly thick to work, or for best insulation then man made materials are best. If you don't want rock wool type items then you should consider a silver foil version of bubble wrap.

hope this helps a little...

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