Greenleaf Forestry and Wood Products, Inc.

by Len
(Westcliffe, Colorado, USA)

Len with bark-on porch posts

Len with bark-on porch posts

Greenleaf is a sustainable forestry / wood product business bringing together salvaged, harvested, and forest restoration wood materials into unique products.

We make all sorts of wood products and raw materials for do-it-yourselfers. Our favorite products include sheds and mini-cabins, typically under 120 square feet. Our designs are more rustic in nature, including logs and timber beams with natural log siding, even with bark still on.

We like to use salvaged windows for solar effects. We love rough-cut (sawn) lumber.

We are especially dedicated to creating interesting and viable economic local jobs from all the materials we carefully extract from forest care projects in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains area of Southern Colorado, USA.

We invite students to join us in learning internships each summer, from primary processing of logs and poles in our sawmill and pole peeler, to crafting sheds and furniture, to building exhibits and displays in our showroom, to helping with forestry thinning and cleanup work "out in the woods."

Contact Len Lankford, Forester and President, at len (at) greenleafforestry (dot)com.

See us at:

We like to supply timber, lumber, logs, poles, etc. to do-it-yourselfers! Or material kits for sheds and mini-cabins. Wow. We are an "inclusive" business!

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