Glass Porch Shed

by Michael Janzen
(Fair Oaks, CA, USA)

Glassed in porch shown open.

Glassed in porch shown open.

I decided to do something a little unusual and enclose the porch with sliding panels so the owner could have the option to use the porch as an additional room in bad weather. In good weather the porch could be opened up completely (or partially) and used as a covered outdoor space.

A modification not pictured here could be to replace the glass with solid panels, although I think the glass would bring a lot of light to the space. Using solid panels would also reduce the cost to build this shed. Another modification could be to add an additional window in the back room to provide some cross ventilation.

Each room measures about 5' by 9' which seems like plenty of space for a small home office. The overhang is a generous 2-feet all the way around to help keep the walls shaded and avoid overheating from the summer sun. If this were built in a cooler climate the eaves could be made smaller to let the sun through the glass to help warm the space.

I've also posted the design, photos, and video at:

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Nice lines
by: Sal

Nice clean design. Looks very versatile. I lke the sliding panel idea very much.

by: Noel

Simple and practical used although its looks like japanesae, when placed it the garden adds more elegance and this more than a shed.

by: Anonymous

It's so small. I feel like there is so much more potential.

Great Design and use of sun light!
by: MsChoiceAlways

I love how the design of this porch shed is so versatile. This building really could be used for any small room need including office, game space, craft room, pool house, guest sleeping quarters, tool shed, canning shed, etc. The incorporation of so many windows would certainly up the price of construction, but with the inclusion of so much sunlight and bringing the outdoors in, the building would probably be used much more often.

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