Evolutionary Shed

by Oliver Sales
(Budapest Hungary)

Evolutionary Shed

Evolutionary Shed

I have always thought that a shed should be developed as a garden grows and be able to change with time in how it is used.

My idea starts with a wood deck that gives a place to relax and consider how your garden might be planned, this is easily changed into a pergola that can be covered in climbing plants or a sail like roof, now think about kids coming into the picture and the pergola is reinforced to make a climbing frame.

Now your garden has started to take shape it is time to think about water for your plants so cover the top in a simple roof deck and add rain water butts - the roof can also be covered in decking to make a sun terrace reached by the old climbing frame ladders.

Now where do we put our tools ? - Ah in a lock up area - ( now we have our porch shed ) but the kids have got into gardening so lets add a potting shed / mini green house part . . . . and so on and so forth . . . why not add a pigeon loft, barbeque, build a model railway in the shed, grow vines up the frame . . . No special materials are used and everything can be delivered on a small cars roof rack.

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