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Successful Shed Building - Day 5

The End? or Time To Get Started?

Welcome to the final part of "Successful Shed Building".

Is this really the end?

I'll leave that up to you.

I want to thank you for our time together. I hope that I've helped you see the power of using a good set of Shed Plans to ensure the success of your shed building project.

Support During Your Shed Build

Secrets of Shed building has a mini-forum to offer support to all those building a shed. Rather than just feel that you have bought a set of plans through this site. I would like you to be confident that you can ask questions at any time in the knowledge that you will get a speedy answer to your shed building questions.

You know what? You and I have a lot in common. We're both interested in building structures in our gardens to improve our own lives and those of our our families. This is the last in this series of e-mails you will hear no more from me unless you wish to. I would love to keep in touch with you in the future and have developed a way for this to happen. Each month I publish a short e-zine called Shed Building Monthly . Each month it keeps you up to date with hints, tips on building a shed the latest news, videos and articles all in one place.

While you are building your shed if you have any questions remember to drop in to the forum to get that question answered. Also let us know how your building project progresses in our success stories section where you get to report on your achievement and help other shed builders in the process.

Keep in touch and until the next time.

All the best

John Coupe

PS. Just a reminder about the shed plans, the offer of the two bonus from yesterday is open for another 2 more days, so act soon to get your shed building project off to a great start.

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