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Successful Shed Building - Day 4

Choose Your Plans Before You Start To Build

I hope that you enjoyed looking at the plans yesterday.

I found the FREE plans that we looked at yesterday well drawn and contained most of the important structural information required for construction.

Structures such as this with spans of up to 16’ can be built in most parts of the world to adequate strength to resist wind and snow loads. Some local authorities in specific locations may have special regulations about anchoring sheds against wind loads (in hurricane areas) and types of foundation in wetland areas. Most likely these sort of things will come up if you ask about the planning regulations relating to garden buildings.

The full plans to match the shed that you need to build have an additional 40 pages of construction detail to help you every step of the way.

Other components

When it comes to doors, windows and roof coverings. Sheds of this type, built using 4x2 timbers are built in a very similar way to timber framed houses and so standard building components are directly applicable. In fact using reclaimed building components is a way of reducing costs if you are building your shed on a budget.

The full plans from storageshedplans.com include 3 bonus reports which show you how to install components such as siding, windows and roofing.

More On Shed Plans

If you found that the free shed plans were what you were looking for in terms of shed style then lucky you!

In my opinion when building a shed and choosing shed plans the ‘Gold is in the detail’. When you are building something, especially if it is for the first time, you need to know how it is built and not deviate from the plan. Plans are very specific and in my view you won’t find a much wider range than those on offer at storageshedplans.com. These plans for sale contain over 70 pages of specific detailed information and 3 bonus reports with over 90 pages showing exactly how to install

• Siding
• Windows
• Roof shingles

If it was me building a shed for the very first time I would search through their site to find the plan that most closely matched the building I wished to construct.

Two Additional Bonuses

To help you with this decision I would like to offer you two special bonuses:

- Firstly there is 5 additional sets of schematic shed plans. These are not to the same level of construction detail as you will find in the plan that you have selected but they are useful to review nonetheless.

- Secondly I know that many folk on this course have been building a shed to use as an office or to be a storage shed to free up spave in the house to use as an office. I have a bonus report here by the webs top Site Building Guru. I should know he helped me build this site. At over 1500 pages it could be argued that this report is worth more than the shed plans.

If you would like to take me up on these two special bonuses all you need to do is to purchase the plans you need through any of the storageshedplans.com links in this e-mail and send me you receipt within the next three days.

When I receive the confirmation from you I will e-mail you these two special bonuses by return.

Take some time to think about it. However it is my strong belief that by having a good set of plans in hand at the start of your project it will progress much more smoothly and cost effectively than making it up as you go along.



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