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Successful Shed Building Day 3

What To Look For In A Set Of Shed Plans

Now you have your outline shed design in hand it's time to start having a look at some shed plans.

Before we preview any it is a good idea to review why you would want to use plans in the first place!

A set of plans is like a road map. It will help you get from A to B in the simplest most straight forward way possible. Without a set of plans certain construction routes might look attractive but it is only when you get some miles down the road that you realize you are about to arrive at a dead end!

If you have never seen a good set of shed plans before what should you be looking for?

5 Points To Look For In A Set Of Shed Plans

• The plans should have a clear material list. This will save you both time and money. Time when you send or take in the list to local builders merchants asking for a quotation. It will also save you money as you will be able to get the best deal for your building materials.

• The plans should have a general arrangement drawings showing the appearance of the shed so that you can submit them to local authorities (if they require this) to show them the style of shed that you propose to build.

• The plans should have details of all the connections so that you are in no doubt about how the components are fixed together, BEFORE you start.

• There should be additional information on installing door, windows and siding.

• The plans should be as specific as possible to your situation.

Time For Those FREE Shed Plans!

There are lots of FREE shed plans available on the internet and like most of these things you can search for A LONG TIME looking for and not finding quite what you are looking for.

Well I have done all of the searching around for you and found what are some of the best free plans on the internet.

Homework for tonight  - Day 3

Download the plans by clicking on this link and save the plans to your harddrive. This link takes you to the material list

Print the plans out and take some time to review the plans trying to build what is outlined in your minds eye.

Storageshedplans.com has a wide range of shed plans for sale so have a browse around. They offer the free shed plans above to download as a way of demonstrating up front the type of information they provide.

Have you got any questions?

Potter shed

The plans may answer many of the questions that you had at the beginning of this course. If you have further questions that you need answers to come along to Potters' Shed to ask a question and get an answer.



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