Using Chicken Coop Plans to Give your Chickens a Lovely New Home

I had been planning on creating my own chicken coop plans. However during my research I came across a site called

This site provides a package that as well as providing some well drawn and easy to follow chicken coop plans also supply lots of helpful advice on selecting and looking after your 'chooks'.

I was interested in raising my own chickens for three reasons:


Firstly having seen and tasted eggs from friends who keeps chickens, I had noticed that the yolks were a lot 'yellower' and they tasted somehow better.

Secondly I had seen a lot of media coverage about the poor conditions in which chickens that produce eggs for the supermarkets are kept. If I am going to eat eggs I could at least give my chooks a good home and start an interesting hobby as well.

Finally Saving money is not a big aspect of keeping chickens but it is cheaper than buying free range eggs and a lot cheaper than the organic variety.

I suspect that these reasons are behind the growing popularity of poultry keeping and why it has become one of the fastest growing hobbies in the UK.

Getting back to the topic of chicken coop building plans

One of the things I needed to know was what size of coop to build to give the chickens enough space and how to make the coop easy to operate. The package has all this information.

The main book covers all aspects of keeping chickens in hot and cold climates, which varieties to choose depending on whether you are interested in chickens for egg production, show purposes or dare I say it.... eating!

There are plans for three different chicken coop designs, enough to match a range of chicken keeping ambitions and four sets of bonus tips on how to save money on building your first chicken coop.

I must say I am not an expert at all on keeping chickens but it looked to me as if all the information I would need to know to get started keeping chickens was there.

Will YOU save money building your own chicken coop?

To see how the numbers stacked up for building my own chicken coop versus buying a ready made one, I did a comparison of the two options.

For the purposes of this exercise I used the small chicken coop plans which are ideal for starting off with two or three hens. The great thing about these small chicken coops, of the style used in this plan, is that they can be moved periodically so that the chickens can be standing on fresh ground when the ground where they are located becomes worn out.

I did a brief comparison of the cost difference between buying a pre-made chicken coop and building your own chicken coop and was amazed at the difference in price. I made the comparison for an A frame style portable chicken coop 12ft long by 4ft wide.

Build it yourself

Using the chicken coop plans in this product the price of all-new materials was about £240, however if you already have some spare timber this cost could be cut considerably. For purchases of this size I have found that builders merchants will deliver the material for free to your house.

Purchase of same size ready made chicken coop

I then had a look on-line to find a pre-made coop of similar size and found that the price for these was about £500 excluding delivery.


So there you go,the results are out. Building your own chicken coop can save 50% or more of the cost of buying one ready made. If you have a spare weekend, using these chicken coop plans to build your own chicken coop will help to get your new hobby of to a great start.

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