'I Want To Build My Own Shed.'
- Here Are The Options

You've made the decision 'I want to build my own shed', you've never taken on a project like this before. What are the options? Where do I start? Take a deep breath and relax, this article will help you to understand what is available and which option is best for you.

Build my own shed - Shed Plans

There is no need to worry if you don’t want to be the builder and the architect. Perhaps you feel confident in your carpentry and building skills, but you would feel more comfortable following a plan. Shed plans offer a hands-on approach. There are companies that have shed plans available for purchase, and plans can also be purchased in book form.

Shed plans often list all of the materials you will need to complete the project, but it is up to you to track them down. You’ll need to gather all of the building materials, so you’ll have to plan on making a lot of trips to the hardware store. Also, you will need to set aside a larger amount of time to complete your project.

With plans, there is no pre-assembly nor any pre-drilled holes, but you can claim all the accolades when the shed is complete!

Extra Note: An advantage of shed plans is that small adjustments and custom designs can be easily incorporated into the purchased plans.

Build my own shed - Plastic and Vinyl Shed Kits

Durable plastic and vinyl sheds are often made of resin or PVC. These sheds can be easily assembled. Their weatherproof design makes them perfect for wet areas where rot, rust, or mildew is a concern. They also don’t require any painting. Various size options are available, including small utility sheds to large walk-in units. The sheds are rodent resistant and can easily be hosed out. Pool toys, garden supplies, and patio furniture could easily be stored in one of these versatile sheds.

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Build my own shed - Pent and Gabled Metal Shed Kits

Pent or gabled metal structures arrive in a flat pack and just need a little assembly. Even big sheds can be constructed in approximately four hours. They offer convenient and secure garden storage and come in one- and two-door options. Often all parts are pre-drilled and all hardware is included. The shed pieces only need to be placed and affixed to a level brick, concrete, or paving slab foundation.

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Build my own shed - Wood Shed Kits

There are a full range of wood shed kits available. Many shed kits come with all necessary parts and pieces to build the shed, but different kits require varying levels of assembly.

Some wood shed kits only include the nails, the hardware, and the pre-cut wood. These sheds will often require a lot of self-assembly. You may receive a stack of timber and all necessary hardware, but you will be responsible for all of the construction.

Shed kits that include pre-assembled panel sections may only need to be screwed together. These projects can generally be completed within a weekend because large wall and roof sections are pre-assembled and only need to be attached. Since many of the panel sections may be large or awkward, consider having a friend help you with the assembly. (show image of panel sections, or how shed could break apart into a few large sections)

Choose a shed kit depending on how much time you have for your project and how much involvement you would like to have in the assembly. All wood shed kits should include step-by-step instructions, and they often come with pre-assembled and pre-hung doors.

Extra Note: Customizing a wood shed with hooks and shelving systems is easy, which is an advantage over metal and plastic sheds.

Build my own shed - Deluxe Shed Kits

Some premium shed kits come with everything you will need to create a large and custom-looking shed. Different shed companies offer a range of house- or barn-style units. Often these sheds come with pre-cut wood or pre-assembled panel sections, treated siding to protect from decay and insects, and all nails, screws, and hardware. Inside the box, you should find simple illustrated instructions. If you have a ladder and a toolbox with a hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, and level, then you will be ready to assemble.

Certain companies include add-ons such as floor kits, side extensions, dormer kits, porch kits, additional window kits, shutters, and window boxes. You can even add a cupola and a weathervane to complete the look. But every add-on has its price.

Many companies leave the paint selection and shingling up to the buyer. Some companies will supply these items for an extra cost (are you beginning to get the idea…everything is extra!).

These kits are great if you want to have a custom look and are willing to pay for it. They take a lot of the guesswork out of construction and come with warranties. They also ensure that the roof will be made to withstand heavy wind and snow loads.

If you choose to order one of these sheds, they can be easily delivered to your curb.

Build my own shed - Pre-made Sheds

If neither building a shed from scratch nor purchasing a shed kit is appealing to you, you may want to consider buying a pre-made shed. Many hardware and do-it-yourself stores sell a variety of pre-made sheds. There are also many garden stores and shed outlets that have ready-made sheds available for purchase. Often, you can stand in your shed before you buy it!

Pre-made sheds are transported to your home already built. This easy shed solution means all you will have to do it clear a space in the garden, create a foundation, and make sure there is an access route to get the shed to its new location.

Build my own shed - Special Considerations

Companies that sell pre-made sheds generally clearly state the wind rating and maximum snow load for their sheds. Think carefully about your needs and take the time to compare the available options before committing to any one company or style.

Compare the cubic feet and size dimensions of the sheds you are interested in purchasing, especially if you are shopping on the Internet or out of a catalogue. The photos can sometimes be deceiving. If you plan to work in the space, make sure it has adequate headspace, and if you just need the shed for storage, compare the cubic area.

Be sure to carefully read what is included (don’t just rely on the picture!) and what accessories you may have to purchase separately. A shed that is a deal but requires a lot of “extras” may work out to be more expensive. Also a shed that is a great deal may be made with lower quality materials. Read all the details, including the wood treatment and thickness.

Verify if delivery costs are included or if there is an additional fee. And also ask about the return policy and replacement parts.

Always measure out the space where you plan to put the shed to make sure that the shed will fit. And verify what foundation the shed should be placed on. Most often you will be responsible for creating a level area and supplying the appropriate foundation. Some shed suppliers offer a foundation kit at an additional cost.

Are you still thinking 'I want to build my own shed'?

By now you should have a good idea of the building routes available to you from total d-i-y to ready-made sheds delivered to your door. Before you go out and buy a shed have a look through these two articles on things to consider when locating and choosing your ideal shed design.

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