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The Almost Spring Edition[Shed Building Monthly]
March 01, 2009

Welcome to Shed Building Monthly - Issue No.7

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Spring Is Nearly Here!

Just one more month to go and it'll be light in the evenings here in the UK. For those readers in the US clocks go forward next weekend on 8th March.


At this time of year thoughts start to turn to the brighter things in life such as lighter evenings and.....yes you guessed it, shed building!

With Spring Just Around The Corner - What About Building A Chicken Coop?

With the onset of those lighter evenings and with more time outside it has got me onto thinking about future projects. Also the credit crunch somehow got me on to thinking of better and cheaper ways of feeding the family, and what better than daily fresh eggs? It also gave me a chance to look into building a chicken shed.

During my research I came across a site called which has prepared an e-book about keeping chickens and building chicken coops. I reviewed the material they produced in this chicken coop review article and found that it is substantially cheaper to build your own chicken coop than buying ready made.

If this book sounds up your street, the e-book contains 3 sets of chicken coop plans and as a spring like bonus I will send copies of three more sets of chicken shed plans, that I have sitting on my hard disk, to anyone who purchases through the link on my site before the end of this week, 7th March.

Sounds like a pretty good 'buy one get one free' offer to me

It could be a great new interest this spring and economical too!

Sheds From The Victorian Era

Also this month I have been looking into Shed History. I found a great catalogue of sheds from the 1890s printed by a company called Boulton and Paul.

Boulton and Paul originated as a firm of carpenters in Norwich, East Anglia, UK in the 1800s. They grew to become a huge supplier of joinery and prefabricated buildings of all sizes and types during Victorian times.

Prefabrication has been ‘rediscovered’ today and is all the rage in the construction industry, but just to show that nothing is really new this company was supplying ready made hospitals for shipping to all corners of the British empire over 110 years ago!

Boulton and Paul the company no longer exists, though some of their joinery products such as windows are still sold under their brand name. I created this Victorian Sheds Video to give you some idea of the great style and diversity of the sheds they created in years gone by.

Shed Windows

One particular element of sheds that I have been looking into over the last few months is shed windows (get it!). Over 144 visitors to secrets of shed building participated in the survey to determine the preferred source of windows for their new shed. The results are below:

40% would buy new windows
25% would use reclaimed windows
34% would make their own windows from scratch.

So, some useful information there, quite an even split but with a clear winner:

• More info from me on making shed window would be of use to visitors.
• Using reclaimed windows would be more popular if it was easier to find the exact size and shape you need.
• For those readers in the United States – Readyshed - based in New York State is a shed builder that also carries a great range of windows that have been sourced specifically for shed builders.

I wish we could get those sorts of products and prices this side of the pond!

That's It For This Month Folks

Don't forget that if you have queries or questions then the mini-forum is there to get you an answer and keep your project moving forward.

All the Best.

John Coupe

PS. Remember if you are interested in building a chicken coop the two for the price of one offer is on until 7th March.

Thankyou for reading Shed Building Monthly

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