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1st Birthday Edition [Shed Building Monthly]
February 01, 2009

Welcome to Shed Building Monthly - Issue No.6

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Happy Birthday - Secrets of Shed Building!

A bit of a special issue this month - Secrets of Shed Building is 1 year old on 6th February (next Friday). It's come a long way in one year. From just an idea of a DIY shed construction web site 12 months ago there are now over 150 pages of content and last month there were visitors from over 63 countries.

In the first month the site averaged 4 visitors a day, how this has changed! On a good day now I get almost 400 visitors! Big thanks to all who have visited and supported the site and all of you who bravely signed up for this Ezine, even if it was only for the free virtual shed ;-) .

This month the focus is on you, The Visitor.

I am pleased to say that I get an increasing number of e-mails asking questions and also reporting the results of visitors own shed building projects.

There are three in particular I would like to share this month:

1. Dave Smith got in contact with a question about heating a shed using a wood burning stove. After a bit of chat, Dave went ahead and installed the stove, he then wrote a great article, summarising his stove installation experience.

2. Cherry Douglas sent in a great sequence of photographs showing construction of a shed using blockwork, an unusual method of construction for a garden shed but very strong and durable.

3. Have you ever had to move a shed? Probably the last thing you would do, however after building a shed for each of his three daughters Judd Williams delivered and moved these small beautiful designed sheds into their final location. Heres a great shed moving video. Thankyou to Dave, Cherry and Judd. Also thankyou to others who have made contributions to the site, I hope to feature your work and ideas in future issues.

Meanwhile, if you have any ideas, suggestions or projects that have worked well for you please send them in!

The Mini-forum is getting started.

A major improvement in the site this month has been the introduction of a Mini-Forum. I often get asked questions about shed building. These type of 'How do I' questions are great to ask and have answered in public as the sharing of knowledge is useful to all visitors.

Shed Builders section takes-off!

Last but not least, the Shed Builders section of the site is starting to take off. Although this site is primarily about building your own shed I realise that for whatever reason it might not appeal to you and you would like to get an outside company to do it for you.

The Shed Builders section is intended as an area for potential shed buyers to get to know a little about potential shed builders in their area, before visiting the web site or making a more formal enquiry. There is a great range of shed styles and construction on show too.

Anyway thatís it for this month, I look forward to hearing how you are getting on with your projects.



PS If you are a shed builder and would like to add details of your company to the site it is currently FREE and very easy to do. See here for details of how to add your company

Thankyou for reading Shed Building Monthly

If you like this e-zine, please do a friend and me a big favor and "pay it forward."

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