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Shed Auctions and Used Storage Sheds [Shed Building Monthly]
August 01, 2011

Shed Building Monthly

Issue 32 - August 2011

Welcome to Shed Building Monthly

In the previous issue of SBM I bought a Duramax shed so that I could build it, see how easy it was to put together and then review it in detail.

At the end of this construction experiment I was left with a shed that I did not need.

So, how to dispose of a second-hand shed?

The obvious route was eBay and the shed sold fairly easily. While selling my shed I found out a lot more about the bargains that can be had with second-hand sheds. I hope that you find this article on buying used storage sheds useful.

If you are looking to buy a shed on eBay you might like to read this article on shed auctions and the different types of buyer that you could expect to come across.

You probably won’t come across a shed website owner with a 2 week old shed for sale though!

The Pocket Guide To Sheds

Last week I received a few copies of Gordon “Men and Sheds” Thorburns new book - The Pocket Guide To Sheds.

I will be having a quick competition next month where you can win a copy.

You can read my review here

Watch out for this latest competition and see you in September.


PS. Please forward this e-mail to your friends/family who may be interested in building a shed or even just great shed architecture!

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