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[Shed Building Monthly] Time to improve the look of your shed?
August 01, 2010

Shed Building Monthly

Issue 23 - August 2010


Welcome to the August edition of Shed Building Monthly.

After two years of running like clockwork I somehow missed publishing last month (aiee!) but here we are again with this issue focussing on Shed siding.

Most mass produced sheds are a single skin construction and this article on the construction of shed walls is a good primer on the pros and cons of various wall make-ups.

When it actually comes to the surface treatment of the shed there is a wide selection of materials each with their own individual characteristics. I have spent time in the last few weeks having a look at each of the main cladding materials have a read and find out more on :

Ship lap siding

Engineered wood siding

Fiber cement siding

Vinyl siding

Wood shingle siding

Are you in the middle of cladding your shed? If you need a 'sounding board' for your design and have questions drop me a line?

See you next month for more shed information and tips.


PS. Please forward this e-mail to your friends/family who may be interested in building a shed or even just great shed architecture!

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