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October 01, 2009

Shed Building Monthly

Issue 14 - October 2009


This month we have a round up of entries so far to the Shed Design Competition 2009.

With one more month to go there’s still plenty of time to get your entry in and there is everything to play for.

• The first entry was from a regular visitor and contributor to the site Dave Green with his Mushroom Shed.

• The next entry is the beautifully presented Sustainable Design Studio shed by Jeff Fletcher a landscape architect from Austin Texas. The theme of eco-friendliness is always popular in shed circles.

• I know at least person who will be a supporter of the Urban Shed –Garden in a box by Daryl Robins an architecture student at the University of Cardiff. I really like Daryl’s approach to the competition; at the end of the day this competition is all about having some fun.

• The latest entry is The Young Architects Dream by Lina from Oskemen in Kazakhstan. When the competition is over I would like to speak with Lina to find out more about the sheds that they have in that part of the world.

One thing that is common to all these entries is that they have used Google Sketchup to create their design. Sketchup is a free piece of software and very easy to use (as you would expect from Google) but if you feel more comfortable using more traditional methods then in my view there is nothing wrong with using a paper and pencil. Just scan the final piece of work or take a photo if you feel that you are more at home in that medium.

Remember last years winner was a hand drawn design!

So with one more month to go get that design out of your mind and on to a piece of paper or or the computer screen and send it in.

Now is also the time to start commenting on the designs submitted to offer your suggestions and encouragement to the participants. If we get more than 10 entries then it will be the 10 entries with the most comments that will go through to the voting when the winner will be decided in November.

Until then best of luck with your designing


PS. I have been meaning to post about this website for a while, created by Guy Satchwell a friend of a friend who lives in the Scottish Borders. Guy has his own unique take on the shed world and I did say that I would let you all know a bit more about his site. is all about the start of a sheds life well Guys site is all about what happens after a shed has been around for a few years. If you would be offended by a bit of Billy Connolly style swearing do not visit this site, otherwise enjoy

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