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please comment on my design [Shed Building Monthly]
June 21, 2009


I hope you don't mind me dropping you a note between issues of Shed Building Monthly, but I wondered if you could help me with a project I am involved with and give me a bit of constructive advice?

During the week I made a new page about a design for a new garden office for Alex Johnson over at Alex has just moved house and is running a competition to help him develop the best design for his new garden office.

You know what I am sort of happy with my design so far but would really appreciate some feedback from you in the form of comments on the design I prepared:

If you could just leave a comment here saying I like the design" or I don't like the design" it would be great.

If you could give me a reason or two behind your choice that would be better.

If you could give a suggestion of how to improve my design then this would probably be my best Father's Day yet!!

You see despite all my shed like ramblings on I am an engineer and deal with practicalities of building. When it comes to the design and usability of the building Im still very much on a learning curve your comments really would be a great help. If I get enough comments in the same vein I could even change the concept of the design altogether!!

Thank you in advance for your comments.


P.S. By the way, unfortunately there is no prize for this competition :( .

P.P.S On the bright side though if I get enough comments to make some good changes to this design I will resubmit the design entry as being from The Readers of Shed Building Monthly and we can all share in the Olympian glory :)) .

P.P.P.S Go on tell me what you think!

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